5 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Church Audio Production

Audio Production

If we take a look at the world of church production, we find that there is a great deal of room for improvement with regard to the invisible side of the house. Not many people know what happens behind the scenes and how churches are able to make the magic happen each week. Let’s look at some cool facts about church audio production that you probably didn’t know.

1. Technical Issues are Bound to Happen

We have all been in a situation where a church service has been interrupted because of technical issues. The pastor may end up losing their place in the sermon and have to continue while several people in the choir section look down at their music, wondering what is going on. When this happens in a church, the congregation may feel as if their worship has been dealt a serious blow.

Unfortunately, the truth is that technical issues are bound to happen. You just have to prepare for them and be prepared for them to happen on Sunday morning. It is a rare occurrence when a church service goes off without a hitch, so it would be wise to follow the advice of some of the world’s most well-known pastors.

2. The Value of a Sound Tech

A church sound technician plays an incredibly important role in the success of a church service. The tech’s job is to ensure that all of the equipment is working properly and that all of the song and sermon order is being followed. They also take care of the microphones and a variety of other church audio production needs.

Each church has its own needs, and the correct number of sound technicians will vary from one church to another. Churches of all sizes, from the smallest and most intimate settings to the large, multi-site churches, are in need of sound technicians, and churches with the most effective production will employ the most sound technicians. If a church can afford to employ one staff member per service and a dozen or more volunteers, they should absolutely do so.

3. Lighting Creates Impact

All churches have lights. However, not all churches have professional lighting rigs. In fact, many churches have a problem with the lights being too bright. Lighting experts will tell you that the right type of lighting can significantly impact the mood of the room. If you have been in a church with dim, orange lights, you can attest to that.

Depending on their size, most churches will have a few of their own lighting fixtures. However, the church’s lighting shouldn’t be one size fits all. The right lighting can dramatically impact and set the mood for the entire service.

4. Sound Systems Are a Must

Most churches have installed audio systems, but some only have a few speakers. The smallest of churches may have a struggling sound system, but even the large, multi-site churches will have some type of audio system. Big churches may have enough money to purchase a sound system that can make the walls of the church shake.

A professional audio technician will be able to determine what type of system fits both the needs and budget of the church. It is important to remember that the system that works best for a church with a few hundred people may not be the best for a church with a few thousand. Each church has its own needs and requirements.

5. Church Audio Production Can Be Expensive

Even with a decent budget, sometimes churches will understandably look for ways to cut costs. However, cutting corners in the audio equipment department may mean that you’re going to lose a few listeners.

The sound equipment doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it does need to work effectively. It is also important to remember that the sound system may need to be altered depending on the type of event that the church is hosting. For example, the audio needs of a Sunday morning service may differ from that of a Wednesday night hospitality time.


Church audio production is something that cannot be understated. A well-produced church service can lead to more people returning the following Sunday and serving in the church. For this reason, it is vital to have both a vision and a budget in place. This will allow the church to have both the proper audio and lighting equipment and a team to execute the production.

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