At MessengerAVL, We Specialize in the Combined Technical Systems Used in Worship.

We strive to bring new ideas to the table to meet the entirety of your vision. If your church's technology needs are centered around sound, video, lighting, broadcast, or all of the above, we can offer answers based on mathematical calculations, specialized software, & experience to ensure your satisfaction from the start.

Even more important, we work closely with our clients to understand the vision for ministry as well as worship styles to bring all of the prescribed technology together for the single purpose of glorifying & worshiping Christ.



Working together with your architect, MessengerAVL will help design your space both acoustically & visually. Using the latest technology in software, we can show you what your room will sound & look like before it is built. With a vast array of experience in the construction of new buildings, we consider all the aspects of a facility & how they affect the worship experience. Using these techniques, we can design a lighting, sound, multimedia, or video system from the ground up.


MessengerAVL uses the latest innovations to measure & test your space. Using software, we can predict what your new or existing facility will sound like with the installed sound system. By taking advantage of these innovations & our experience, we can maximize technology to give you the best sound reinforcement for the money.

New sound equipment is not always the correct answer to your system problems. In many circumstances, your equipment may be in fine shape & of good quality. The problem is that the system may not be configured correctly. We can reconfigure your existing system to perform at its best potential. For example, we can re-equalize your system to better fit the acoustics of your room. We could adjust the basic gain structure of your system to get the most out of your equipment. Or we can design & install acoustic treatment to reduce echo, reverberation, or frequency resonance.



“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Never before in history has this been more true. The continued progress of video technology has enabled the modern day church to utilize video to broadcast the gospel more effectively. Our designers can assist you by integrating video & multimedia into your services. Whether it is simply a projector & a screen or a full featured broadcast television system, we have the expertise to assist you.


As your church grows, your need for a reliable & secure network grows as well. Seeing this need, MessengerAVL offers managed IT services that will support your technical infrastructure. MessengerAVL will support your entire network including your firewall, switches, & wireless solutions. From your network, we will provide real-time monitoring & support for your servers, computers, & other endpoints.



Nothing affects a room like lighting. Some rooms have windows while others are closed off to the outside world. Some stages run the width of the room while others may be right in the center. Stages can be short & shallow or grandiose & deep. Some worship is conducted with all focus to the stage while others will worship while reading from hymnals. All of these variables & more are discussed between our team & your church to ensure we give the right amount of light in the right places. That's how we offer inspiration, not distraction.