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We believe that our role as an audio, video & lighting integrator is to help churches utilize the AVL systems that they already have with the new gear they've purchased & make all of it work seamlessly without distraction.

we help churches design, build & install cutting edge avl systems that are volunteer-friendly

Whether it be a point-source upgrade, a new line-array system, a console with more channels, or a full re-design complete with projected audio maps & 3D rendering, we're here to help churches implement the best system for their space while keeping everything with Sunday volunteers in mind.

LED walls, laser projectors, distributed audio, confidence monitors, switchers, & broadcast rooms; it’s all important. We love helping churches find the right path when moving towards the future.

Lighting Systems

LED, conventional with dimmers, consoles, touch screen PC lighting software, plotting, presets, ellipsoidals, fresnels, pars, blinders, movers, LED tape; we've seen it all & it's all beautiful. Nothing commands attention like lighting so helping churches get it right is a top priority.

It’s More than Just Cameras, Cables, & Consoles

Churches are Our Sole Focus

  • We have over 18 years of experience
  • We've completed 1,000s of projects in over 600 churches across the nation
  • We've served churches from 50 up to 50,000 in attendance
  • Our staff serves in local churches as directors & volunteers.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

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Brad Whitt
Abilene Baptist Church
Augusta, GA

We Were Way Behind Technologically

“When COVID hit, we realized we were way behind technologically. We reached out to MessengerAVL & they have helped us better reach our community & world for Jesus. They've come back in to install our LED boards. They installed a LED screen that drops down during our COVID cautious service & allows us to live stream from our West campus.

MessengerAVL has enabled us to continue to minister to our church family, our local community, & literally around the world to get the Good News of the gospel out.”

They Delivered on What They Promised

"We needed a new AV system & someone mentioned MessengerAVL & you came up on our Google search. With our new system that you designed & installed, we now have a much better picture & sound. We'll use MessengerAVL again because they delivered on what they promised & are very knowledgeable."
Will Doss, Eagles Way Church

Will Doss
Eagles Way Church

Griffin, GA

Ryan Kramer 04 Evangel Church Tallahassee

Ryan Kramer
Transformation Church
Tallahassee, FL

Their willingness to go above & beyond...was refreshing

“These guys just finished our new install at Evangel Church (Tallahassee, FL) & I highly recommend them. Their heart & willingness to go above & beyond to get it right was so refreshing."

Professional Integration Designed for Your Church