At MessengerAVL, we know you want to be a church that worships in truth without any technical distractions. In order for that to happen, you need audio, video and lighting (AVL) systems that are reliable, expandable and built to last. The problem often is that underperforming worship technology limits.

your creative ability, which makes you feel stifled and worried it may hinder the future growth of your congregation. We believe the fear of your congregation becoming disconnected and leaving your church over technical issues with your AVL system is real. We understand your frustration and struggle. That’s why we design and install audio, video and lighting solutions for churches, so their technical visions can become reality. Here’s how simply it works:

  1. Schedule a Call
  2. We design your system, then
  3. Install your system.

So, schedule a call so you can stop worrying about your congregation possibly disconnecting, your increasing maintenance expenditures and a frustrated AVL team due to the limited capacity of your aging equipment. With a new or upgraded AVL system your congregation will stay engaged during a technically flawless worship experience that has been customized for your space and budget with integrated systems that are dependable and built to last.